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Maggie wakes up one night lit by the full moon. She can’t see it, but there is something haunting her house. She needs to navigate the house, find a key, and leave. But, there is something wrong. When she stands under the moonlight, she can feel the monster’s gaze through the walls. It comes close. To avoid it, she goes to the dark. But in the dark, anxiety creeps in and her vision blurs. Her heart-rate goes up, she hears voices that are not there.

Originally created for Brackey's Game Jame 2022.1 but sadly never submitted, The Monster's Not Real, Maggie is a horror game that makes you use your senses to figure out how much danger you really are in.

How to Play:

  • Use the WASD keys to walk and the MOUSE to move around.
  • Use SHIFT to sprint for a brief moment.
  • Find the key.
  • Bring the key to the door and escape.

How to Survive

  • Find the key.
  • Do not stay in the DARK or the LIGHT for too long. The darkness will make you lose your sanity, while the light will make you an easy target for the monster who is definitely, for sure following you.

Known Issues

  • Entering the Pause Menu in-game causes the debug meters for Sprint and Insanity/Danger to appear. So try not to use Pause if you want to get the authentic TMNRM experience.
  • There is no audio FX for insanity, however the visual FX are present.
  • No audio plays when you win!
  • The footsteps audio FX do not speed up when Maggie sprints.
  • Mac version of the game might not launch because of an "Unidentified Developer" error. To work around this, option+click on the .app file and then choose open. This should allow you to make your Mac recognize us as developers.


Project Manager and Producer: Cesar "Chechi" Sanchez Revuelta

Game Manager and Lead Programmer: Remon Ramy

Creative Lead, Technical Sound Designer, and UI Designer: Wayne Messam II

Creative Lead and Level Designer: Cem Ertekin

Game Programmer and UI Designer: Mohammed Karaman

Game Programmer: Adrian Holloway

Suburb Neighborhood House Pack (Modular) by Finward Studios

House Furniture Pack by Finward Studios

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, scary
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


TheMonstersNotRealMaggie.v1.zip 669 MB
TheMonstersNotRealMaggie.MAC.v1.app.zip 671 MB

Install instructions


  1. Extract the contents of the compressed folder into any directory you'd like.
  2. Locate the .exe file in the directory.
  3. Double-click to launch.


  1. Extract the contents of the compressed folder into any directory you'd like.
  2. Option+Click on the .app file.
  3. Choose "Open."
  4. Allow your Mac to launch the game.


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Holy crap that was intense! Check out the video (second game).

(5 edits)

LOL the key is real. You walked past it many times but the vignette effect blocked your view of it.

Thank you for the review! XD Sorry about the mouse sensitivity, some builds run smooth some run kinda rough!

Glad you enjoyed and played it though. If you found the key easily the game would have been too short and it's not at a point where it is very replayable yet.